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Digestive Stress Testing

  • 55 minutes
  • See Instructor
  • On Site

Service Description

Whether you have issues or simply like to improve the performance and function of your body, the single most important issue that must be addressed is your body’s ability to digest, absorb and utilize the foods and nutrients that you put into it. Your body has an amazing ability to rebuild and regenerate, but without adequate nutrient metabolism nothing happens. Over 50 years ago a chiropractor, Dr. Goodheart had determined that there is an organ-muscle relationship. What happens when an organ is under stress, it goes into survival mode. The body then takes the energy from that muscle and redirects it into that organ. By testing specific muscles we can determine which organs are in survival mode. Checking the muscles related to the stomach, large intestine, pancreas, small intestine and liver can give a good indication of the overall functionality of your digestive system.

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