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“I use the breathing and focusing techniques in my swimming lessons and baseball practice…”

Cory, Student, 3rd Grade

“I used the “mountain thinking” in the Missouri Math Competition and did very well.”

Noelle, Student, 3rd Grade

“You taught me to stay calm; I am frequently doing that during tests.  Thank you!"

Ben, Student, 3rd Grade

“I have learned how to focus and calm down when I am nervous.  I can now calm down when I am mad at something.”

Jesse, Student, 5th Grade



Character Development

Our two unique kids programs, Moriarty’s Kids Martial Arts and Stick with Character, presents students with physical and mental challenges in which they apply all six steps of our “mountain thinking” process. Specific activities have been designed to integrate the concept of each character trait so students can gain a better understanding of, and an ability to manage, their own actions and emotions.



The Mountain Thinking process establishes a building-block system for character development that teaches individuals:



Responsibility – taking charge of themselves and ownership of their own actions.

Respect – expanding their understanding of appreciation for themselves, others, and their environment.

Self -Control – learning to calm and control their emotions at anytime.

Practice – lessons and techniques to teach learning, training, and self-discipline.

Perseverance – how repeated effort creates the belief which enables the students to go beyond their limitations.

Perform – putting mind, body, and heart together to go through any challenge .


Students learn how to apply each character trait of  the mountain thinking™ that can be applied to any task, activity, situation or challenge.


And most importantly, students love the training. Over 40,000 students have enjoyed our programs in the Midwest alone. Students have a lot of fun!

Kids MMA

“In the nine years that I have been involved with character education, I have never seen a program that was so meaningful to students! Parents were very vocal about their support of this program and the positive influence that it had on their children!”


Deborah, Principal, Parkway Schools

“We saw students attend to the MAP in ways they had not attended in the past, test scores improved and teachers saw far greater test-taking performance than on tests over the proceeding years. During the program the absentee rate dropped to an all time low which was attributed to the high interest the program was generating throughout the school. Our students and staff have been positively affected by the theme, focus, and language of this program!” 

Ginny, Instructional Coordinator, St. Louis Public Schools

Moriarty's Kids

Martial Arts

In our Kids martial arts class we put a strong emphasis on cultivating character. Our focus is to instill confidence and to develop a deep sense of respect for others. We accomplish this by providing a class environment that is positive and simultaneously challenging. Self-defense is an often overlooked skill in today’s society, but it is of utmost importance. Also, in an age when the bullying epidemic in school is a huge problem, it is important to ensure that our children can defend themselves if the need arises. Most importantly, the change has to come from within ourselves, acquiring high self-esteem and confidence can easily stop the bullying in its tracks.  Self- Discipline, focus and responsibility are also taught through educating them in class as well as strengthening of these character traits over time.

In real life, not everything goes our way. We are often met with challenges and obstacles, daunting roadblocks that can impede us from getting what we desire. Challenges introduce us to ourselves, they introduce us to our character. It is how we choose to deal with these challenges that determines if we succeed or we fail.

Martial arts teaches our children to roll with the punches. That it doesn’t matter how hard you fall to the ground. What matters is that you can get back up and keep moving forward. That’s how inner strength is acquired. Perseverance is the name of the game and that’s how success is achieved.

So empower your children with our martial arts class and you can see the positive effects it has on their lives.


“Students not only learn concepts of character education but they immediately put those concepts in to action. Teachers, administrators, and parents were pleased with the student’s ability to apply the concepts in to daily interaction!”  


Debby, Chair, PE/Health, Villa Duchesne/Oak Hill

“I want to congratulate you on an outstanding character development program. Your program has what it take to succeed in an urban setting; empathy, consideration, respect, and high expectations for our children, plus relevant, high-interest instructional programming.” 

Janis, Principal, St. Louis Public Schools

Stick With Character

Strengthening Self-Esteem Through Self-Control

Our Stick with Character program offers practical information, activities and techniques that can be applied to everyday tasks and challenges. Through this program, you are supporting your child to achieve academic success.  Here are many of the benefits you will receive:

Brain Integration: practicing the proper stimulation and challenges for strengthening and integration of the brain.

Character Development: Mountain Thinking™ is the core of the character training to establish a building-block process for character development, self-control, and performance.

Physical and Mental Development: Attributes such as coordination, rhythm, timing, focus, balance, reaction, and speed are enhanced and learned.

Bamboo Sticks Exercise:  Physical activity to build focus, coordination, teamwork and brain integration.

Breathing Techniques for Self-Control: To create calm and enhance focus.

Dojo Control™: Critical thinking questions that stimulate the desire for students to be in charge of their behavior (rather than a teacher or  parent having to be in charge of their behavior).

Board Breaking Challenge: This board challenge can be added to our stick with character program to enhance the students learning and experience.

Character is like a muscle that can only be exercised through inspired challenges.  In the Moving with Character program, each student is inspired to break a Martial Arts training board. Motivated by the desire to break a board, the student learns the process of character development that can be applied to any activity.

The breaking of the board, as the culminating activity in the program, represents the students’ accomplishment of having gained control over their own character traits as well as a personal awareness and understanding of how mind, thought, and action work together in all of life's situations. 


Schedule Your School

Enrich your students lives with one of our character development programs. Inquire about all of our school programs and local classes for additional information. We can discuss various options and how we can meet your students needs.

Sponsor a School

Sponsoring a school brings together a very important partnership to assist in the success and quality of our elementary schools; education and the business and private sector giving community support for both teachers and students. Your financial contribution to the elementary school of your choice provides that school with the experiential, hands-on Stick with Character program that ALL students can participate in through the P.E. program and provides tremendous benefits! 

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