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"When I first began working with Dan, I was most interested in finding a new cardio-exercise program to enhance (and eventually replace) jogging.  Focus glove training with Dan is extremely intensive and provides an outstanding cardiovascular exercise.  At the beginning of each session, Dan insisted on a stretching program that has improved my overall flexibility and mobility.  He also provided me with self-defense training that I hope I never need to use but I am happy that I have it.  After getting to know Dan, I discovered that he was extremely knowledgeable about nutrition, diet and supplements.  He has helped me add vitamins and minerals to improve my overall health as well as helping me to improve my eating habits.  Through all of my encounters with Dan I feel better, I have more energy, I have more self-confidence and I am more comfortable in situations where I might need to protect myself.

I was so impressed with Dan that I decided to provide his services for all of my employees.  Co-workers who had very little in common are now discussing their workouts.  Our “hall conversations” are focused on eating healthy, vitamins, minerals, supplements, proper stretching, mobility and focus-glove training. We have developed friendly competitions in weight loss, punches per minute and self-defense.  Range of motion has increased to the point that we are able to do things we have not been able to do for years. People are able to perform routine tasks in their lives without fatigue and sore muscles. People feel better about themselves and it shows in how they show up at work every day. Simply stated - our culture now includes a commitment to health and wellness."

CHRIS SANTEL, Owner, Belmont Partners

Chris S

"I am a 65 year old male who has been training with Dan twice a week for almost 2 years. Before we began, he asked me what I wanted to accomplish so that he could develop a program to suit my needs. I told him I wanted to improve my mobility, flexibility, self-defense and hopefully lose a few pounds. Dan implemented a stretching program to improve my mobility & flexibility, taught me techniques to help me defend myself, worked with me in a cardiovascular program (focus glove training) and recommended changes to my diet. Through all of these programs, I can tell the difference in my energy level, my range of motion (better turn on golf swing), I feel better than I have in years and I initially lost about 20 pounds.

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In addition to the above, Dan has an amazing dedication to solving any health issues that people suffer through. I had been experiencing significant pain in my left heel for about 3 months - I had to give up walking for exercise. I was being treated by a chiropractor twice a week for over a month with no improvement. Dan worked on my heel and, after 5 sessions, I was pain free! He has also helped me with my back, shoulders, hips and calf muscles.

I strongly recommend Dan for a total, whole-health program. When I have a problem, I skip the doctors & see Dan!"

RICK FREDE, Vice President, Belmont Partners

Rick F.

"Well, I didn’t think it was possible…but it was!!!! I had tremendous nerve pain that emanated from my hip down to my ankle on both sides of my body. I literally could not sit and drive my car for more than 10 minutes without putting it into cruise control, so I could fold my legs to get some modicum of relief.

I had experienced this pain for over 2 years and had sought relief from my primary care physician who referred me to an orthopedic surgeon who then recommended physical therapy for a six-month period 3 times per week. But, unfortunately none of this helped. 

Then, a year and a half ago I joined a new company where, after mentioning my on-going pain, several of my cohorts told me of various physical issues and pains they had experienced before beginning a weekly regimen of seeing their trainer, Dan Moriarty. All of them extolled the results they experienced after Dan worked on them using Rossiter and Kinesiology physical therapies. To say the least, I was somewhat skeptical but decided it might be worth a shot particularly after everything else I tried didn’t work. But, to my amazement and relief, all my pain was totally gone after about 3 weeks of Rossiter sessions with Dan. And the best part…after a year and a half, the pain has never returned!!!!

Dan has made multiple recommendations on how to make changes in my daily lifestyle that have enhanced my quality of life. He suggested changes in eating & drinking habits as well as the use of a few supplements, ReMag, ReMyte and Regenerate. Combined with his Rossiter and Kinesiology physical therapies, it has made a noticeable difference in the way I feel.

I would and have recommended Dan’s complete program to everyone, regardless of age or physical ability. I am 71 years old but can honestly tell you, I feel 20 years younger…thanks to Dan!"


Landon P.

"I am a 38-year-old male and I have been working out with Dan for 3 years.  When I was sixteen, I was in a bad car accident where I broke my neck and damaged my spinal cord.  Although I have improved dramatically, I still have a few problem areas:  left hand, left leg, ankle & foot.  During focus glove training with Dan, I would be limited by these problems and he used the Rossiter System to stretch my connective tissue and enabled my mobility that had been limited for 20 years!  Dan also provided me with a plan and continual encouragement to eat better, exercise more effectively and stay at my desired weight.  I feel better now than I have in years and I owe it all to Dan!"

JASON FREEDE, Sales Associate, Belmont Partners

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Jason F.
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"I've been going to Dan for 2 years. In that time my outlook has changed dramatically. I am a true believer in the power of Kinesiology. During these sessions I have gotten relief from a wide range of pains and soreness and even a toothache. My overall sense of well being and my energy has been greatly enhanced. I know my bodies systems operate better and more efficiently than before."

Jack Q.

Jack Q
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