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Focus Glove Cardio

A unique touch of martial arts for anyone from the rookie to the experienced!

Focus glove cardio is a unique exercise routine that anyone can do. From a white belt (beginner) to a black belt (more advanced) FGC combines aerobic, anaerobic and strength training all in one cardio routine!  With 5 belt levels, you can challenge yourself to learn more and master each one. 

Moriarty's Martial Arts 


Now, a unique blend of Martial Arts styles and concepts for anyone to learn!

Why would you want to train martial arts? Because it’s empowering to be able to handle any challenging situation in your life, from physical confidence to mental focus to emotional neutrality.  We individualize with our students to fit their needs and make sure all techniques and drills taught are age appropriate. You’re never too old to learn!

Martial arts is foundational to all sports. It teaches the physical attributes that lead to greater coordination physical ability and athleticism in any activity you do!

Physical attributes such as speed, coordination, timing footwork, reflexes, rhythm, power, body mechanics, balance etc, are all enhanced through training and are behind every technique that you learn!​

Some of the styles and concepts that are incorporated are:


Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lees’ Concepts)

Philipino Martial Arts




Wing Chun


Here are some of the benefits of training martial arts:

Inner Confidence

Strength and power

Awareness of body and environment

Focus with less distractions

Calmness under pressure

Stillness in the mind

Gain athleticism

Muscle tone

Flexibility and More!

Come try one of our Martial Arts sessions and experience the fun and challenge of learning martial arts techniques!

Kick and Punch

Cardio Circuit

Want to get a great workout in 30 minutes? Then our Cardio circuit is just for you! A combination of specific kicking and boxing bags that will challenge your cardio for a full body workout! Once you learn the basic punches and combinations from an instructor, your off and punching!

Focus Glove Cardio
MMA 1-1
Kick Punch Cardio
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